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Kono Pizza Has Opened on the Wildwood Boardwalk! PIZZA IN A CONE! Check Article for Our Experience Video

Kono Pizza Wildwood

The most debated Wildwood food is pizza… with cheesesteaks a close second!   And the big discussion in what is the best pizza usually comes down to Sam’s and Mack’s, with many other pizza places in the mix.   Well a new challenger has entered the ring, opening up on the Independence Day holiday is Kono Pizza!  And they are doing things different, with a pizza in a cone!   The cones are made in Italy (as are the ovens) and each cone is made custom for each order!  You can pick your own creation, and it only takes 3 mins to cook!

Kono Pizza is the very FIRST store on the South end of the Boardwalk (The Ocean Towers Building).    Watch the video for a perfect understanding of its location.

5318 Boardwalk Avenue
Wildwood, New Jersey 08260

Kono Pizza Wildwood Facebook Page:

This video is our tour and experience of the new Kono Pizza!

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    1. Walt I just updated the post with location, address, and Facebook page.

      I had shared the post on Facebook… where I put more details on the location there, then in the article!

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